A Suite High Hand Bonus

Saturday, January 14, 2023 | 10am-2am

Win $599 Professional Basketball Suite Tickets

Includes: 2 Pro Basketball Suite Tickets (A $599 value)

2 Pro Basketball Suite Tickets. Free parking at main garage, complimentary buffet, beer, and wine. Awarded to the highest hand in each room! All Jackpot Eligible Games!

These Suite Tickets will be awarded in addition to the first high hand paid out at each Poker Room during the (4) four-hour periods listed below.

Giveaway Periods

  • 10am – 2pm
  • 2pm – 6pm
  • 6pm – 10pm
  • 10pm – 2am

Without Prior Notice. Must follow high hand qualification rules. Must Sign Waiver for release of liability, indemnity and requirements of conduct. Management reserves all rights, and may change, cancel, limit the number of tables, or modify this tournament at any time.