Jackpot Rush

Jackpot Rush

Daily in June

Over $100,000 In Table Game Jackpot Winnings!

The thrill of winning big on our table games is at your fingertips, with jackpots available until the cash pool runs dry. Best of all, there's no catch, and every moment during our operating hours could be your ticket to a jackpot win.

Major Jackpot

  • $25,000 each | 4 jackpots available

Qualifying Hands

  • Flopped Royal Flush (Ultimate Texas Hold’em)
  • 7 Card Straight Flush without Joker (Face Up and Fortune Pai Gow)
  • 7 Card Straight Flush (I Luv Suits)
  • 5 Wilds (DJ Wild Poker)

Minor Jackpot

$1,000 each | 10 jackpots available

Qualifying Hand:

  • Mini Royal in Spades (Three Card Poker)

No additional wager is required; you are automatically eligible while playing select table games. Promotion is live until the progressive table games pool runs out.