High Hand Promotion Mondays

Mondays in January

NOW $299 Every 20 Minutes from 11am – 10pm

$50 every 30 minutes during all other hours

*One Card Qualifies on Select Mondays!*

$2 Jackpot Rake - All Promotions are available for Roll Overs.

High Hands Subject to change contingent Florida Operating Rules

Rules & Regulations

$50 Hourly High Hands daily unless indicated in a special promotion

Only one high hand winner per high hand period for all eligible Texas Hold’em /Omaha games. If there is a tie for the high hand then the high hand amount will be divided evenly amongst all eligible players. If there is no winner for the time period, the roll over amount will be added to the next payout. In all games, $2 for the jackpot will be taken when the pot reaches $10 at all times. Only the player with the highest card combination will be paid out for the designated time period. Any miss-call will not be paid if the hand was beat for the time period. If a high hand is announced, and after review there is a hand that rightfully beat it, the rightful high hand will be paid out for the time period. OCR&CC is not responsible for any misinformation given out.

Aces Full Qualify - One Hole Cards must play on 2/4 limit games and higher. The start of the hand will determine the eligibility of a “high hand.” A hand begins with the first riffle. If an automatic shuffler is used, the hand begins when the green button is pushed. Any player caught showing their hand or talking about a hand in order to make other players at the table fold will be disqualified. The high hand winner of the time period will be announced 5 minutes after the time period has ended. The high hand is eligible to win more than one promotion. If there is a challenge or discrepancy of the time, and a review is needed, the rightful winner for that time period will be paid, and the official high hand will as long as the requirements are met, or any promotions using a card combination. Omaha qualifications are: a player must use 2 of their hole cards and 3 cards of the 5 cards on the board. Only on Omaha games with a limit of 4/8 or greater will qualify for the one card promotion.


  • Must be 18 or older to participate.
  • Promotion is limited to the players who win high hands on selected days combined in Orange City and Daytona Beach All funds will come from the Texas Hold’em/Omaha jackpot fund & must be based on a card combination.
  • Must be playing in Jackpot eligible Texas Hold’em/Omaha games to qualify. Mixed Games not eligible.
  • Pot must be a minimum of $10 including the rake and jackpot and a minimum of four players in the hand to qualify for the promotion.
  • The hand does not have to go to show down.
  • Anyone found to be in violation of the integrity of this promotion may be disqualified.
  • Players must use one hole card in order to be eligible.